Syntax of File Information Fields -- Reference Manual?

I overhauled my Photo Archive today.

It was stormy, hot and humid here.
I canceled my planned 20K hike,
and said to hell with my planned transmission drain and refill of my 98 Ford Explorer.
After all, I replaced the shocks last week with Rancho RSX's and have a rebate coming. :smiley:
Surely, I deserve some DOpus time. :laughing:

I have an archive of digital photos from two cameras.
The older camera is a Sony Mavica 1.3 Megapixel that does not support EXIF.
Don't laugh, I have some excellent photos that were taken with it.
The newer Camera is a Minolta A1.
Most of these photos are taken in the Minolta MRW raw format.
Minolta is no longer in the camera business,
but I know this camera and what it really can do.
I'm still using it.

The old Sony Mavica used floppy disks to record images.
I wanted a fast method to rename these files.
The old archive I have often had the the files of each floppy in separate directories.
I wanted to rename all images to the time stamp modified date and time, in the form yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss .
These were done on Win98, so time conflicts were a very possible reality.
I used FlatView NoFolders and made a Copy filter to copy only jpg and mpg files.
I have preferences set to preserve the timestamps of copied files.

I made a button to do the rename using ideas I had learned in the forums ( mostly from Nudel ),
but I really don't know if it is correct.
I can't find documentation for the syntax in either the Reference Manual or the Release Notes.
I think I read it somewhere at one time, but I can't find it today.

@nodeselect Rename REGEXP PATTERN (.*)(\..*) TO {modifieddate|D#yyyy-MM-dd}_{modifiedtime|T#HH-mm-ss}\2 FILEINFO case extlower autorename

I then needed to rename the mrw raw files.
I used a combiation of EXIFutils and a primative homemade command line program I once wrote to accomplish this.
It pipes the Cout of EXIFutils to Cin of mine.

C:\yourpath\exiflist.exe /o l /f date-taken {o} | C:\yourpath\mysimpleprogram.exe {o}

mysimpleprogram.exe modifys the output of exiflist to the form yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss .

On to the last problem.
I then needed to move these files into directories named after the modified date time stamp.
I must give credit here to Albator IV and Nudel for their code:

Rename REGEXP PATTERN (.*) TO {modifieddate|D#yyyy-MM-dd}\\\0 FILEINFO autorename 

The result is an much improved 22 GB Photo Archive.
In the process I found several things misplaced or lost and was then able to rejoin them to the proper archive folder.

Perhaps a FAQ or Reference Manual update on this topic ???


What is it that needs documenting?

The Advanced Rename part of the manual explains the D# and T# formatting codes (with reference to the date/time table in the Command Control Codes part of the manual).

You don't need to know/memorise the names for the different information codes (like {modifiedtime} and so on) since you can find them using the drop-down menu in the Rename dialog (see the screenshot in the Advanced Rename part of the manual for the menu that I'm talking about).

Regular Expression syntax is covered in an Appendix of the manual.

The Rename command's arguments are documented (of course).

I think that covers everything. Or have I missed something?

I do have plans for some tutorials on renaming using regexps and fileinfo though I don't know when/if I'll get around to it. I think all the information is in the manual but it's nice to have some step-by-step guides that explain things nicely and have all the info in one place, I agree.

[quote]The Advanced Rename part of the manual explains the D# and T# formatting codes (with reference to the date/time table in the Command Control Codes part of the manual).
OK, perhaps it is that that I don't see it.
I looked again and still can't find it.
I do not see any discussion of the D# andT# formatting codes anywhere in the manual.
Can you give me a page number ?

And what of the \\\0 ?
There are two released versions of the DOpus 9 manual that I know of.
I see only either a GUI discussion of Advanced Rename or a Raw Command discussion of Rename in eIther version in the Manual.
I see fileinfo, but nothing about D# and T#.
However, I think I read about it all at one time.
Strange .....

The section of the manual which details this is:

Opus Tools and Special Features // Advanced Rename

or the bottom of Page 166 if you're using the PDF version.

Some fields, like {shootingtime} (EXIF information field representing the date and time a picture was taken) support user-configurable formatting. Any date or time field allows you to configure the date or time format used. For example, {shootingtime|D#yyyy-MM-dd} or {time|T#HH-mm-ss}. Use the D# and T# codes to introduce a date or time picture string. You also can combine both date and time in the one code – for example, {shootingtime|D#yyyy-MM-dd-T#HH-mm-ss}. See the Command Control Codes section for information on date and time picture strings.

And then, as the above quote says, the Command Control Codes section shows more information. Specifically, it includes a table which lists all the date and time codes.

Thanks Tanis,
That's exactly where I was looking,
but there was nothing there in either pdf version of the DOpus9 Reference Manual that I had.
I then found it in the HTML online manual.
I then downloaded the pdf version and yep it's there now.

I guess you had an old version of the manual.

The \\0 part is explained in the appendix on regular expressions.

For \0:

For \:

i.e. \ means a literal \