System wide WIN+E

After update DOpus to 11.16 version GO LASTACTIVELISTER NEW command behaves differently.
It always brings My Computer location instead of just activate last active lister.
Issue is present on Windows 10 x64.

Is there any workaround for this?

My Launching Opus options are set to Bring the last active lister (...)


Is it the command or the Win+E hotkey?

What happens if you put the same command on another hotkey?

I have defined Win+E key for Go LASTACTIVELISTER NEW command.

Source: [Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

Yes if you assign different key it works as excpected.

It might be best to use another hotkey as some people are having problems changing what Win+E does in Windows 10. There isn't a proper API for changing that hotkey, and it seems the unofficial method we use does not always work, although we have made some changes in recent versions to try to improve it and may find a way to fix it for those who are having problems, if we can work out why it's happening for some people.

Using keys that don't clash with the built-in Windows hotkeys avoids the problem entirely. Win+Shift+E is the default that Opus itself creates to open a new lister, for example.

(Win+E is the Windows hotkey to open This PC aka My Computer.)

If it helps I can provide more info - or even run some debug(or more verbose) executable. This is new bug in 11.16 version (some changes to hook procedure?) - I used this hotkey from the beginning (always work on Win7 and now on Win10 until 11.16 version). I use Win+Shift+E to bring new dopus instance and for me Win+E is most natural do bring last active one (without open additional folder).

(I know Win+E is hotkey for My Computer but dopus makes Windows better, doesn't it? :slight_smile: )

Is there any workaournd - cache last active directory and force focus after go lastactivelister command?

I one more thing - DOpus is the best!!!