Tab Appearance, gloss & gradients

the new tab design looks like an alien element in my opus-layout. (see attached picture)

is it possible to disable the gradients and rounded corners of the the tabs + "new tab button".
this could also be added to the variable "gloss_and_gradients".

& an option to disable folder icons in tabs would decrease the tab size.

thank you

To disable the rounded corners:

Settings > Preferences > Folder Tabs > Appearance > Draw folder tabs using visual style

hi cris,

this setting does not change anything here, but that may be dependent on the visual (windows?) style.
no difference in xp + 2003, with visual (windows) style "classic"

When you have Windows set to "Classic" visual styles are disabled and so Opus has to fall back on drawing the tabs itself.
What actually is it about the new tabs that you don't like? The rounded corners, the shadowing, or both? Maybe we could look at adding an option to disable those.

hi jon,

an option to disable both the rounded corners & shadowing would make me :opusicon: .
attached is a second screenshot with the tabs in opus 10.0 (top) and 10.2 (bottom).

  • the shadow results in a black-to-grey gradient, the round tabs don't fit with my layout and have bright corners.

some more suggestions:

  • i like the way opera handles tabs (second screenshot). working with vertical tabs is much faster.
  • the buttons from "file display border" could be added to the "Tab-Bar", making the "file display border" unnecessary for users that already have a "Path-Field".

thank you...