Tab bar multiple rows

I read a thread months ago about multiple tab bar rows instead of the hack that we currently have. I can't remember if it is achievable or not. Can we have multiple tab bar rows like Firefox, UltraEdit etc? Even the default scrolling tabbar on firefox would be better than the list we have now.



We don't support multi-row tabs, and are unlikely to (although we do sometimes change our minds so it's not impossible :slight_smile:).

[DO11 feature request] multi-line tabs

That thread is interesting but very disappointing. The link you posted about UI hall of shame is no longer relevant. It should be noted that the "Mountain Menus" tabbed toolbar buttons is very similar to Microsoft's Ribbon. Their comment "One has to wonder however, what possible benefits one can gain by placing toolbars in a tabbed arrangement." apparently Microsoft had other ideas. Now the ribbon is liked by some and hated by others but I think all can agree it is not going away.

While you state multiple tab rows are not a good idea for you but others have different workflows. I for one prefer to be able to open as many tabs as I need. I have different work flows that I can switch between as required. Opening and closing tabs is not ideal for me. However keep in mind that I would not have any more than 15-20 tabs open at a time.

I could understand your reluctance if that was the only option you would give us but I cannot see why you could not implement all three versions, i.e. multiple tab rows, scrolling arrows at each end and the current setup. Firefox does so albeit with an add-on but the underlying support to do so is there. UltraEdit also does a neat job of multiple tab rows. Also given that you say you only have a few tabs open at a time you would not even see the multiple rows :smiley:



I'm not completely opposed to the idea (although Leo might be another matter :slight_smile: ). We'll keep the idea in mind for Opus 12.

Ok, so where is that DO v12 idea thread? o)

I guess this is not going to be implemented in 12 :slight_smile:

No :slight_smile:

But you do have the option of vertical tabs now, with a scrollbar.

Yes I just checked that out. Honestly that is the most useless feature I have seen. There is so much wasted space with that setting. To get to the point where I would even see the scrollbars I would need to have more than 40 tabs. Having too many tabs open at once was Leo's biggest argument against multiple tab rows and now you go and implement this feature :unamused:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

I, too, have multiple workflows requiring various tabs. I've conquered this issue by having a list for each work-flow. Each lister/work-flow has its own tab setup. I invoke them with different global hotkeys. Works really well for me.

This is not a vote against the feature request...just a comment that I've found a work-around that enables me to get my job done. DO is good stuff!


I was really hoping to see this feature as well in Opus 12. The are times when a multi-row horizontal tab bar is exactly what I need. It takes up very little space compared to vertical tabs and allows me to have a small lister window in one quarter of my monitor layout but still have enough room to READ the tabs fully and have them all available at the same time. I completely disagree that this is a usability nightmare as it can actually be very useful in circumstances even needing 8-12 tabs when the lister window is smaller than half screen.

I have also extensively tested all forms of tabs etc in Firefox TabMixPlus and I've also tried vertical tabs with Firefox. Multi-row tabs are by far the easiest to use in a number of situations.

All the added features in 12 look amazing and I will probably be upgrading but I was sad to see the tab features of Opus 12 updated with only vertical tabs getting the green light. There are obviously a number of people who would like to work this way. With a zillion different options available in Opus, I don't understand why this one feature in particular (multi-row tabs) is ruled out because it is not considered to be a proper user interface.

Please, PLEASE, consider adding multi-row tabs for the next version at least! It's just too bad this will be a minimum of another 2 years away if added to Directory Opus 13... I really look forward to it eventually.

Thank you for considering the request.

I, too, support multi-row tabs :wink:

I would rarely need it, but sometimes when you have long folder names, small real estate, it would be really useful

I've no idea what revolutionary new features GPSoftware may have up its sleeve for future new releases of Opus, but surely, multi-row tabs deserves a guernsey. I should certainly use them.

It isn't even a feature which many folk would need all of the time. Rather, it's a case of when you do need it, there is nothing else which fits the bill.

Have developer opinions evolved on this feature over the years?

Let's not keep the standard at that of lowest common denominator Chrome. I think most of us would agree this is a sorely needed power user feature, and by and large, that is what dopus users are.

We don't have anything new to say about this idea.