Tab behavior

The following behavior in connection with the Tab's irritates me something.
Perhaps can be adapted appropriately.
I have stored per standart my Tab group with 5 registers with which I work constantly.

One of these stored registers Tab's is always in the foreground, that is when I within this register change to another path, the allocation of this Tab's of the originally assigned path does not change naturally also what I at all liked, because I must be able to change during my work again to the path opposed in the Tab.


Ok, so I get that you have a tab group which opens 5 folder tabs, one of which is naturally the 'primary' folder that is shown in the foreground when you open that tab group. But from here you lost me a bit on what problem you're describing... I get that it's something about when you change directories after opening the tab, but I don't fully understand... Would screenshots help show what you're describing?

Hello steje!

thanks for your answer. I try to explain(express) it a little bit in a different way. If I store a group of Tabs, I understand it so I this group constantly would like to have at a disposal, just(exactly) from this reason I store a group of Tabs.
So if now I call this group and one of these Tabs is in the foreground, this Tab is changed as long as I change the catalogue. I think this something stands in the opposition as the real sense of Tabs. Groups by Tab's were stored should always survive as well as they were stored what changes mean that in another catalogue, always create(provide) of a new register should release.

I could solve naturally the problem, while I simply of my group of Tabs another empty register add constantly primary is opened, and which is called then with ., besides a register is not changed then with a catalogue change on I later vielleich one more time would like to fall back.
However, I think this is no comfortable solution.

The problem also hangs bischen with it together the separate Tabs not against the unintentional delete or change allow to close. Slowly stands out for me as importantly this function, nevertheless, eingentlich was!



I think what he's saying, and what i agree would be nice and is one of things i don't like about tabs, though probably not goin to happen as tabs do work as intended but i think alot of people have another idea of how tabs should work.

Anyway, what i think he means is, he has a group of tabs he opens to specific directories and would like those tabs to always be set at those directories, so even if he changes directories within a tab, once he's done working in that directory it should go back to the original directory it was in when it opened.

The way this could be done is if you change focus to another tab, the other tab would revert back to it's original path, so that when you went back to that tab it'd be set back to where it was when it was opened.

I would love to see this implemented, perhaps as an optional way of tabs to function.

Well, that's what i think he means, i couldd be wrong :slight_smile:

If you want a bunch of things you can click to take you to a particular directories, why not make buttons which do just that?

Hello Stefan...

Something I have done to make sure my carefully chosen tabs always stay as created:

On the Settings menu, choose 'File Types'
in the resulting dialogue box, select 'All folders'
click 'Edit'
click the 'Events' tab
select 'dblclk', and click 'Edit...'
change the function from 'go' to 'go newtab'
click OK
select 'dblclkalt', and click 'Edit...'
change the function from 'go newtab' to 'go'
click OK
click Close

What this does is to reverse the actions for double Click and Alt Double Click, so that when I double click a Folder name, it is forced to a new tab, leaving the one I was on unchanged.

The DOpus8 default is to require you to Alt Double Click to achieve this, but I want it to happen, almost every time. On the rare occasions when I do want the tab to change, I use the Alt Double Click.

I hope this helps.