TAB-Click to activate previous tab

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Is there a way to switch to the previous tab by simply clicking on the active tab?

I find it makes navigation much easier, as my eyes don't need to track the previous tab I worked in right before.
The described behaviour is default in various apps (including windows start bar "tabs"), but is sadly not being adopted everywhere yet.

If you continiously click the active tab, you basically skip back in the history of tab usage.

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I don't think there's any way to do that.

When you mention the taskbar, do you mean you want Opus to show each folder tab as if it was a separate window on the taskbar, like Internet Explorer does?

No, not really.. o) Image you have 3 tabs open in a lister, showing folders "folder1", "folder2" and "folder3".

The active tab shows folder1, now I activate tab of folder2 and then tab of folder3.
Now when clicking folder3 again, I wish to get pushed back to the tab of folder2 as it was the previously active tab.
And when clicking the tab of folder2, I'd like to get pushed further back to folder1.

It is basically the same handling as if you close an active tab, DO then simply switches to the last tab used.

On windows: If you open Calc.exe and Notepad.exe after each other and click Notepad.exe in the task bar, you get Calc.exe again.
This behaviour is more handy if you have several tabs or application open, which "look" the same. E.g. several DO lister tabs showing similar paths or windows applications having similar documents open - it avoids to look very close to pick that tab or that application instance used previously when using the mouse. If a keyboard is at hand, you would hit ctrl-tab (which sadly is no DO default, but can be configured) or alt-tab when switching applications on windows of course.

Isn't what actually happens is that the Notepad window gets minimized?

Not exactly.
If you just click the active application tab of notepad, the previous application comes up, but notepad won't be minimized.

I'll try to sum this up:
Hitting the active/inactive application tab on the taskbar allows you to switch between two applications by always clicking the same spot.
If DO would allow clicking the active tab to show the previous one, you could always just hit a single tab to switch between two. In case the
tab is not active, default and well known handling kicks in (activates the tab). If it is active, it will be inactivated and the previous one gets
active. It basically toggles between two tabs - it is ctrl-tab for mouse people.

[quote="tbone"]Not exactly.
If you just click the active application tab of notepad, the previous application comes up, but notepad won't be minimized.[/quote]

That doesn't sound like the normal taskbar behaviour that I'm familiar with:

There are some registry settings which change the Windows taskbar behaviour (one of them I use myself for quickly cycling through windows from a single application, and easily returning to the last-used window instead of showing a pop-up of all windows when I click the main icon for an inactive application). Maybe you've also set up one of those and forgot?

Any chance for v12 to feature the feature described in the thread opening? o)
Vivaldi added this in one of their latest releases, turning it into a browser you can really work with (Opera v12 had it since..).
I'm very used to this, I also click on active tabs in DO, but the click get's lost somewhere in the event-universe, so sad! o)

Awesomeness 04! Did not find much time to look at b6 and b7, but what a surprise this one made it in!
I love it! Thank you very much! o))