Tab Close Button

While browsing with Firefox today, it occurred to me that the Tab Close button on DO is very small. Is it possible to make the Tab Close button larger?

Secondly, would it be possible to make it's appearance dependent on activity?

For instance, in FF (with certain extensions), you can make the tab close button appear if you hover on the tab for a specified length of time. There is also a tab close button on the tabbar that closes the currently focused tab.

Is it possible to get any of this type of functionality in DO?

I recall a similar request being voiced in another topic that had to do with an observation about the recntly added File display close button closes active tab option; that it only even appeared when in dual-display lister mode. It sure would be nice to have the close button on the file display border in single-display lister mode as well... although personally, I'm more a fan of how Opera allows <SHIFT+LMB> combination to close any tab.

I close lister tabs by clicking anywhere on them with the middle mouse button, that works great for me.

Ah... well that's cool - I didn't know about that actually. Thanks John...

[quote="JohnZeman"]I close lister tabs by clicking anywhere on them with the middle mouse button, that works great for me.[/quote]...and I do it by double-clicking the LMB.

I'd like to bump this, as I just started using tabs in Dopus and the smallness of the close button makes it hard for me to use. Yes, I know you can double click, but I would like it to look and function like Firefox. A close button is universally understood. If not that, it would be nice to be able to customize the icon for the close button like any other button in Dopus.

I'd say it's a waste of time to implement that. Personally, I have the close button turned off - it only takes space.
Btw, don't us let DO make Firefox's mistakes :wink:

You probably know this, but for anybody who doesn't, in a current Opus version, the close button which closes the focused tab does exist on the file display border in single display mode, but, for this to be true, Preferences -> Listers -> File Display Border -> Show file display border in single dislay mode must be selected.