Tab collections


i'am thinking about a function that works like Bookmarks, but it doesnt save the current location .. it saves all open tabs and them location.
I would welcome this feature because i often work on projects where i have to be in many directons at one time and so i can save the time to open each time by hand.



Opus has this already.

Preferences // Listers // Folder Tabs

Then look at the bottom section of this tab - Tab Groups. Does everything you need - you can setup groups of tabs to your liking, then open them by either right clicking on the tab toolbar and selecting them from the Groups context menu item, or by using the following command from a button/hotkey etc:

Go TABGROUPLOAD="Name of your Group"

If you don't wish to create your Group through the preferences interface, simply open tabs in a lister as required then using the RMB context menu on the tab toolbar, select Groups - Save to save your current tabs as a new group.

nice ... but i can only save it for one lister .. i would like to save both listers source/Dest in one group ...

I don't think you can save both sets in one group. There's an easy remedy though. Simply save both sides in seperate groups - then make your button perform two functions:

Go TABGROUPLOAD="source group"

This will then open the "source group" in the current source lister, and the "dest group" will open in the current destination lister. Easy.

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k i tray that ...

bouncing back? .. O_o ... ah i know .. damn .. how can i change my emailaddress ?? ..

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You can also save whatever lister format you want (single or dual) with as many tabs open as you want into a custom Layout. It works fine :slight_smile:.

Good thinking. :slight_smile:

Forgot about layouts briefly...

Same thing with Lister Styles - you can set tabs for both sides of a dual lister with styles.