Tab color isn't inherited from folder format for tabs opened via tab group

When opening a tab group, a tab that opens won't have its colour inherited from a folder format, in my case, a path format.

The tab in the tab group has no colour set (transparent) and so I would have thought it would then instead inherit whatever colour the applicable folder format has specified it to be, after all, the tab group tab does inherit other aspects from the folder format automatically, such as the active sort column. I assume transparent should mean that no colour is set, rather than it being a type of colour.

It could be argued someone may want to override a folder format's tab colour with Transparent when opened via a tab group (currently possible), but I think the inverse is more common: if the tab group tab is set to transparent, inherit whatever is used by the folder format. Only if an actual colour is set would I expect the tab group's settings to override the folder format.


- Directory Opus v12.26 x64 Build 8006
- Windows 11 Pro v21H2 Build 22000.434

Something we might improve in the future, but at the moment the lower half of the folder format Options page can't be turned on or off (unlike e.g. the Image top half of the same page), so whatever is there will always override any other applicable formats.