Tab context menu hotkey C does not work

Worked in DOpus 12, I did not modify the corresponding things.

Which menu item do you mean?


Not sure what C used to do in the old menu, but the new one is a completely new menu which you can now edit yourself, so you can add it back if you wish.

Accelerators in menus and dialogs tend to be auto-assigned (and thus may change when the menus change), as it's difficult to ensure keys don't clash otherwise, especially with translations.

I think this is a bug, the behavior is the same as Edge browser, right click on any tab and press C to close it.

I understand what you're saying. There ought to be an action when you smack that c key, but there isn't.

I was able to force it to behave the way you described by going into Customize and:

For step 4, I had to right-click Close Tab and choose Edit.

Yes, but I think it should be in the default.