Tab [Filmstrip] MP4 no playback

Normally, if I were to click on the [Filmstrip]-tab and select a .mp4 the clip would play.
The window pane remains black now and click on the play button doesn't help.

I have ActiveX+Preive+Office+Web Plugin - Generic ActiveX 32-bit tagged

None of the .mp4 files play.
Yes, with MPC-HC they play alright, but that requires me to launch that player for each individual mp4 file that I just want quickly see what it is about.

Any suggestions.



Are you sure that MPC-HC (32-bit, I suppose) is using external DS filters, not internal, for playing these .mp4?

See: HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus

@leo - I saw that article but gathered it wouldn't be that complex. I need to re-assing mp4 to a player that I don't use, installing whatever codec packs. I downloaded MPC-HC_standalone_filters.1.7.8.x64, extracted the zip file, moved it over to C, then
MPC-HC_standalone_filters.1.7.8.x64 then regsvr32.exe, which resulted in an error ..

To register a module, you must provide a binary name.
Usage: regsvr32 [/u] [/s] [/n] [/i[:cmdline]) dllname
/u -Unregister server
/s -Silent display no message boxes
l'\ -Call Dlllnstall passing it an optional [cmdline];
when used with /u calls dll uninstall
/n -do not call DIIRegisterServer; this option must be used with /i

Anyway, timebeing I'll forget about it. It is not worth spending so much time on it.
No problem, I can live without the filmpstrip preview.

thanks anyhow.


The instructions in the top section on that page are quick and simple, and most likely to fix the problem:

Formats which should work "out of the box" (MPEG, MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, WMA, WMV...)

You probably don't need to do anything with filters or regsvr32.exe for mp4, unless you are using Windows Vista or earlier. MP4 playback is built into Windows 7 and above, and can be repaired using the top section.