Tab groups do not restore names?

I created a couple of tab groups complete with names and colors. When I restore them at a later time the names are not displayed, however if I look in the prefs I can see them there. Shouldn't the name be restored with the tabs?


It restores the names OK here.

How are you loading the tab group?

Right click on the tab bar.

One of the tab group is an ftp site, if that makes any difference.

Still fine here when including an FTP site.

Are you using a script which modifies tab names or anything like that?

Have you re-saved the tab group after applying the names?

Forgot about that, I had added a rename script for ftp sites. I disabled it and all is working now. Sorry!

On another note, is there anyway to map names to tabs? For example, I have a projects folder and it has subfolders project A, project B, project C etc.. When I open the folder instead of seeing "(C:) project A" I would like to set "A" and automatically color the tab with my project tab color. Is something like that possible?

I am guessing if I knew how to script it, it would be doable. What would be ideal is something in prefs that would allow me to select a folder and apply a name and color to it that would be assigned any time I opened the folder. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

You can assign tab colors to paths using folder formats.

Changing names based on path would need a script like this one: Tab-Labelizer - Extend the folder names shown in your tabs

Thanks! You have been extremely helpful and prompt. Directory Opus is the best purchase I have made in some time!


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