Tab Icon Context Menu Editing?

Is there any way for the user to change the context menu that appears when you right mouse click over the folder icon that appears on each tab?

Regards, AB

Not at the moment.

What is it you want to add/remove in the menu? Maybe there's another way to do it.

To be fair, the current tab menu is comprehensive and very well thought out and laid out. I'm a habitual context menu user and the fact that my tabs are always at the bottom of listers fits in well with the way I interact with Opus. Potential additions that I would find useful:

[ol][li]Split into DUAL at current tab (only makes sense in a SINGLE).[/li][li]Split into new lister at current tab (tab + everything to the right in the current pane).[/li][li]Close [i]all[/i] tabs on the side of a DUAL where the current tab is (leaving a SINGLE).[/li][/ol]A side effect of (2) would be to split a DUAL into two singles if the selected tab was the leftmost tab in either pane.

Regards, AB

Not to mention adding icons next to the commands there.