Tab jumps to right of list of tabs

I normally use several listers, each with multiple tabs. For some reason, when I go to another window (which maybe be another lister or a different Windows application) and then return to the lister, the tab that I had been using occasionally has "jumped" to the far right of the list of tabs. I must be doing something to make this happen, but I can't figure out what it is. Is there some hotkey that moves a tab to the right?

My problem has some similarities with the following one, but in my case none of my tabs are locked:


Does it matter how you re-activate the window? E.g. Clicking on the tab vs clicking somewhere else.

I click on the lister's entry in the Windows task bar to go back to its window. (I use a two-row taskbar so each lister/window can have its own entry.)

Does it still happen if you activate the window another way? E.g. Click the titlebar.

Can see the tab jump when a particular action is done, or is it more like it jumps at some point while the window is hidden and is already in the wrong place the next time you can see the window?

Any script add-ins installed, or tools that move/modify other program's windows in any way?

I usually have all the listers stacked one on top of the other, so I don't click on their title bars. I do occasionally use Alt+Tab to jump to another window, but I don't remember the "tab jump" problem happening after I've done that.

I've never seen the tab actually move; it seems to move while the window is hidden and is the wrong place the next time I go to the window.

I use the "lukefor" fork of Persistent Windows:

The reason I use it is to have my windows restored to their proper size and position after hibernation, as elaborated on this page:

Only things I can think of are...

  • The tab thinks it is being dragged when it isn't.

    (That kind of bug usually happens if the window layout changes as you click on the tab, so the tab moves under the mouse and thinks it's being dragged back to where it was. Doesn't sound like what's happening here.)

  • Something is running a command to move the tab.

    (Unlikely to just happen, but could happen with a script add-in or maybe a hotkey. For example, if you've accidentally made a system-wide hotkey which moves the tab right, you might be triggering it while using other software. Check in Customize > Keys under the System-Wide Keys section.)

  • Something sending spurious window messages or input to the Opus window.

    (That's always possible, and can result in very strange things happening. Also very hard to track down. But it's also quite unlikely. Only really mentioned for completeness.)

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Thanks for looking into it.

I'll keep trying to find out more about the circumstances when it happens.