Tab key not working in other apps

OK, seriously weird one this....Has anyone else had this problem? I finally discovered the route of a problem I have been having for some time - in fact since I upgraded from DO9 to DO10;

With DO 10 running (even in background) as an Explorer replacement I lose the ability to use my TAB key, so for instance in MS Word I cannot tab words, in Excel I cannot move from cell to cell and now that I have discovered this, I'm sure that there are other progs that have lost their "tabbing" ability, but have yet to discover which.

I will, when I have a sec, un-install/re-install DO 10 and report back whether that cures the problem permanently, but am interested to know if anyone else is having this problem.

You have probably created a system-wide hotkey for the tab key. System-wide hotkeys override those keys in all programs.

Go to Settings -> Customize -> Keys and see if Tab is defined; if it is, make sure the Global? column does not say "Yes".

See...this is why people like me shouldn't play with complicated programmes like DO!! :unamused:

Brilliant Leo, as you suspected I did create a global key, so have removed it and Voila! Thanks for simple....much like me.