Tab name switches to name of new tab

Has anyone else seen this problem? If I have multiple tabs open, and then open another tab, one of my old tabs will take on the name of the new tab. It sticks. I click back to it and the old tab does not have the name refreshed.

I'm using U Jun 6 build.

Weird, I've never seen this.

Are you definitely opening a new tab rather than going to a new directory in an existing tab?

It's not just scrolling the old tabs to the left so it looks like one of them has gone, is it? (There should be two little arrows to scroll back again when this happens.)

How many tabs do you have open when this happens?

Also, how are you opening the new tab? Through some keystroke combo command you've assigned or double-clicking on the folder tab bar?

LOL- from what he's describing, furvyn has seemingly produced the 'sticky folder tab name' feature some of us have requested :slight_smile:.

btw, I've been so busy at work that I have not had time to follow up on this. I just downloaded the latest patch, and I'll try and duplicate what I saw. I may not have time to follow up this week either.