Tab options

I have a dual panel lister as I have two drives. I have a locked tab on each panel that shows C: and D:.
So when I open the lister I am at the drive level on each panel.

As I open various folders then new tabs appear.
When I am done I close the lister.
However, when I re-open the lister to start a new task all the tabs from my previous work session are still there.
I have to manually close them and then start my new work flow.

What I would like is when I close the lister is for all the tabs to go away except for my locked tab at the drive level.

For the life of me I can't get this to occur.
There has to be some switch somewhere that says "don't save" but I've gone through the preferences for Folder Tabs and I can't find a switch that would allow that to happen.

Thank you.

Set the window up how you want it, then use Settings > Set As Default Lister.

It'll save that, and also ask if you want to disable auto-saving the current tabs/layout when the window is closed. (If you change your mind later, you can reset that choice under Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister.)

Outstanding! Thank you.

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