Tab & PathBar use "Shell Small Icon Size" registry value

Here's my hail mary attempt to get a solution to a niche problem...

Just trying out Opus in XP.

I wanted to...
Increase the "Details" view icon size in Windows XP.
Why have small icons, just because you want details? :laughing:

What I did was...
I created a "Shell Small Icon Size" registry string with 48 value.
Success! Big icons in my details view.

Problem is...
That value messes with the Tab & PathBar icon sizes.
So I end up with jumbo tabs, & disappearing text in the PathBar.

When I do this in XP...
The Address Bar expands to accomodate the icon/text.

My question...
Any way to get Opus Tab & PathBar to ignore the "Shell Small Icon Size"?

There's no way to do that. Changing the system's small icon size will probably make a bunch of programs look odd, too.

I would write to GPSoftware voicing your support for a Details-with-thumbnails/large-icons mode.

In the mean time, Tiles mode is the closest thing. That lets you see whichever file details you want (editable per file-type) alongside large icons and/or thumbnails for each file. You could make some toolbar buttons to set the sort mode if you find yourself missing the sort headers from Details mode.

Of course, Tiles mode is still quite different to Details mode in the way the information is organised.


I would write to GPSoftware voicing your support for a Details-with-thumbnails/large-icons mode.[/quote]

Sure, I'd love to suggest such a thing.

I chose to submit a "Program Suggestion" in the link you provided.

I'm a trial user, not an evaluation user.
Does that affect the likelihood of my suggestion being read?

Thanks for the suggestion.
I played around with it, after you posted.

Unfortunately, I just find it very unorthodox.
It's much easier to sort & view details in "Details" mode.

So I'd rather have small details icons than go through the hassle.

But again, thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

Trial = Evaluation. They're the same thing so you should be able to submit ideas using the email address you used to get the trial certificate.

I just downloaded the program yesterday and began using it.

Sorry, I just read your FAQ link now.

Seems I'm running a 30 day installation with nag screen.
I didn't apply for the 60 days evaluation.

Unfortunately I already submitted the suggestion.
Should I submit it again after I get the eval certificate?

So long as the submission was successful it should reach GPSoftware. I didn't think the GPSoftware website would accept submissions without either a registration number or the email address used to get an evaluation but if it did let you then there's no need to re-submit.