Tab tooltip

I don't get a tooltip showing the complete path if I hover the mouse over a tab. I guess it is supposed to do this, going by the screenshot in the changes PDF. It would be useful.

Otherwise, tabs are great! Thanks!

Blurble - can you get your tooltips to show up over a tab? I love the tabs but after I get 3 or 4 I can't remember what folder was where. I did a search in the manual for "tooltip" that didn't pull up anything relevant. I also did a search of the forums and it pulled up your name. Is this a preference setting somewhere? I didn't see it in the preferences for tabs.

By the way, when I did a forum search and found two results in the 8.1 discussion forum, when I clicked on them it told me I didn't have the rights to view that board. I had to go back to the 8.1 directory and find your post before I could see it. Just a heads up to the admin.

Tabs are cool. Where are the tooltips! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I cannot get tooltips to show. I have no idea whether they are supposed to or not, but looking at the v8.1 change notes (, it looks like they should.

As you say, tool tips would be very useful in determining which folder the tab refers to.

Can anyone from GPSoft confirm whether tooltips are supposed to appear or not?

Give a try, there was a change in there to fix an issue with tab tooltips.