Tabbar Toolbar

After following the discussion of another thread,
"Image inherited by submenus" setting lost after relaunch of DOpus,
I was able to verify this result with Dopus 8.1 ANSI.

However in the process, or perhaps just earlier,
I somehow managed to crash tabs on Dopus 8.1 ANSI .
No tabs were displayed at all until I did a full system restore from a backup.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I am unable to replicate this.
Tabs, Tab Groups, and everything else works very well !

Dumb as it is, it begs the question.
Has anyone noticed that the Styles Toolbar is still named simply Tabbar ?

Perhaps a rename is is order.

:opusicon: porcupine

Being an advocate of "Folder Tabs" I also was ammused that Dopus had a Tabbar toolbar :slight_smile:.

The Folder Tab area is not a toolbar, though I would actually like it to be... I'd like to be able to move it up top and have it be a 'common tabbar' when dual pane is activated rather than have each lister pane have it's own 'tabbar'. For that matter, where the tabbar currently is (tied to the lister pane) is where I'd actually like to have the pathbar... which I think is another request from someone out there - to associate a seperate path bar with each lister pane.