TabGroupName.otg - curdir?

Hello, why is there information like this in the tab groups? Under what circumstances does it show up, and where? I can't find it.



It's probably for the Drives drop-down you can add to toolbars, which remembers the tab's "current dir" on each drive so you can switch between drives without finding where you were again.

Something some people were used to with MS-DOS and early Windows tools, I think.

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Hmm, interesting:

I did not understand your answer at all, but then I copied both question and answer to ChatGPT and it explained it to me really nicely and now I understand. :slight_smile:

It seems to be about this feature:!Documents/Drive_Buttons_Configuration.htm

Thank you!

EDIT: Just to clarify :slight_smile: ---> I wasn't saying that Leo's answer was incomprehensible or bad --- rather I wanted to say I was too stupid / ignorant to make sense of it, I wanted to point to the fact that ChatGPT was able to spare Leo some headache when anwering my question.

PS. I'm always nervous around text file formats:

When editing OTG files, what txt format ist this (as in UTF-... / w/ BOM) etc.)

Format is UTF-8.

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