TABGROUPSAVE Does Not Save a Subfolder of an Existing Tab

I'm using a button with this command in it: Go TABGROUPSAVE="!both,!closeall,TempGroup"

Test 1
If I have two locked (allow folder changes) tabs and open a new tab, the TempGroup tab group has those three tabs in it.

Test 2
If I have the same two locked (allow folder changes) tabs and open a subfolder in one of them which is the same as the new tab opened in Test 1, the TempGroup reverts to the original two tabs in it, not the subfolder tab.

It appears to me this is an effect of the locked (allow folder changes) setting on the original two tabs.

Could you confirm this is so? Thanks.

If it is so, then I would request that an option be added that would allow saving the current, actual state of the tabs without any reversion. The subfolder in Test 2 should be able to be saved as the tab set. If restored as suggested, then it can revert to the original locked (allow folder changes) tab, if clicked on, as is the usual behavior. Thanks.

Directory Opus 12.30.3 beta
Windows 10 Pro, 22H2. 19045.2546
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

If tabs are locked, the locked path is what will be loaded when you load that tab group.

So in Test 2, you're saving two tabs, and they're locked. When you load them, the locked paths are what they will load.

That's how it is designed to work.

"Locked (allow changes)" allows temporary changes to the folder tab, but re-opening it from a saved group is always going to revert you to the locked folder, not the temporary one.