"Tabgroupsave" for #styletabs

The manual mentions following way to save tabgroups: Go TABGROUPSAVE "!both,group1". But i found, that i need to save a group named #styletabs.group01". So i tried "Go TABGROUPSAVE "!both,#styletabs.group01", but i doesn't seem to do anything. There is no dialog either, if an existing tab group is overwritten. Is there a way to save that type of tab groups?

#styletabs.group01 is an auto-generated group made when converting old styles to the new format.

Edit the style in Preferences and make it point to a normal tab group. You can then save that tab group like any other.

Oh, ok, that's why.

How can i do that? I've looked into the editor, but have no idea. Do you mean to just rename it, leaving out the # part?

Save the new tab group normally, then assign it to the style under Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Styles.

Thanks, Leo. Now i remember about that setting. I had no look in there, for years. Now the new save command works as intended.