Tabs and focus


In dual lister mode with tabs when you select tab from inactive lister the content of that directory is shown but the lister remain inactive. Is it possible to make lister active when you select tab from this lister (by default or as an option to set).


Just confirming that this happens to me also.

It would be great if control-clicking or perhaps middle button-clicking a tab (or something similar, preferably user-configurable) could be used to select the tab and set the focus. The default behaviour left-click behaviour should ideally stay as it is, I think.

I notice that double-clicking or middle-clicking a tab (rather than an empty bit of the tab bar) closes the tab, making the tab close buttons fairly redundant. I know there is the option of turning these buttons on and off, and of choosing the double-click for new tab behaviour - is there any way to choose whether double-clicking (and/or clicking with the middle button) closes a tab?

Incidentally, the possibility of dual listers following each other (e.g. for similar local and FTP directory structures) has been discussed before. If this is being implemented, with the tabs in mind, there would probably also need to be some linking between the tabs of each lister.

ahh, I have been wondering why when going back/forward via mouse button why the wrong lister would change directory.

Having same issue.