Tabs Behavior

I really like the new DO 12. So many options it is confusing sometimes to figure things out, this is a good thing.

Questions #1: I just started to use the Tabs feature and locked them so they are always the same Tabs. Is there a setting that can make the Tree Branch expand on the left side to the directory of the currently select Tab? Currently it just highlights the directory in the Tree, but it doesn't automatically expand. I tried the setting "Preserve folder tree expansion when switching tabs" setting. I can kind of make this work, but it only lasts for the current session and is not remembered.

Question #2: Related to question #1 - when a Tab is selected, besides Expanding the selected Tree Branch, can it scroll that branch to the top and close all other non-selected Branches automatically?

Under Preferences / Folder Tree / Options, I think you want to turn on both Expand selected branch and Collapse non-selected branches (and turn off its child option about inactive folder tabs, if it's on).

Thank you for the tip. Unfortunately it did not expand the Tree Branch when clicking on the TAB.

You can see it selects the Tree Directory but it doesn't spring open.

Settings I currently have:

You're quite right; my mistake.

I'm not sure there is a good way to do this at the moment. You can have a script which runs Go CURRENT EXPANDTREE when the active tab changes, but it has the unwanted side-effect of refreshing the tab's file display, which will reset the scroll position and any selections in the tab. If you want that I can upload the script, but I'm guessing the side-effects outweigh the cure.

I've added this to our list to look into some kind of proper solution.

Hi Leo,

Thank you for looking at this. Maybe a future release will have a setting to do this. I agree with not using the script if it will cause other issues. It just adds an extra click to expand the Tree, but I can live with for sure. DO saves so much time with other things it can do and DO 12 is an excellent program for file management for sure. No worries at all.