Tabs in Listers after Restart

I have a strange problem. I always have Dual Vertical Listers open with a set of Tabs under each pointing to a bunch of Folders. They are just random folders, not a fixed set.

My PC keeps crashing lately. When I restart Opus after a crash, I see all the Tabs I had open before the crash, except on the Left hand lister, only the Tab that was active before the crash shows the Folder it was displaying. For all the other tabs the folder has been changed to "This PC". I have no clue which directory they were linked to. The correct number of tabs appears, and their order looks correct, it's just that all but one point now to "This PC".

Is this a bug or an incorrect setting?

Please note, my folders are often on SD cards or USB drives, perhaps this is causing Opus to get confused somehow?

Can you reproduce that behavior when restarting Opus normally? Then it might be caused by a setting or script. If not, I'd say it's the collateral damage of the system crash. Opus simply couldn't save its state data before it got killed.

Let me rephrase my question...

In Opus I use “Dual vertical” Listers with Tabs along the bottom pointing to various folders.

After a restart of Windows, all Tabs pointing to directories on the internal hard-disk are ok. My problem is with Tabs pointing to directories on an external USB drive or an SD card.

After a crash and reboot of Windows, all Tabs are there but they all point to “My Computer”, instead of the folder on the USB drive or SD card.

After a reboot of Windows, all Tabs pointing to USB drives or SD cards are simply gone.

I'm assuming this may be a "Windows 10" issue, Question is, is there a way to (automatically) save and (automatically) retore Tabs pointing to folders on USB drives or SD cards ?

Checking Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister will do this.