Tabs not restored after DOpus restart

I have DOpus set up with side-by-side panes each with their own set of tabs. Until recently, opened tabs would be restored after restarting DOpus. Now, on restart, tabs are set as they were a month or so ago. How can I fix this please?

You probably just need to turn Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister back on.

Thanks Leo - prompt as ever!
But, I've no idea how that may have been turned off - I did not realise it existed.

If you use Settings > Set as Default Lister, it asks if you want to turn it off (although it won't by default).

Hello, when I close DOpus completely, or when Dopus crashes, I would like to have the possibility to restore the tabs and windows, and at this exclusively the tabs and windows, nothing else (not find panel open/not open, not diplay modes, not any active filtering, not toolbar changes etc.). The point is just that I would like to have those directories that I was using show up again as opened tabs. In particular, I do not want DOpus to "mess" with my Default Lister settings every time I close DOpus.

Ideally, DOpus would auto-save tabs / their paths every 5 minutes or so, and offer to restore these after a crash.

When closing and opening DOpus regularly, it could ask opon launch: "Do you want to

( ) Restore the tabs that were open when you quit DOpus?*
( ) Launch the Default Lister?

( OK )

In settings, the user could define the default selection of those two choices so, and also if the user should be prompted or not.

*when there was a crash: substitute by "when DOpus crashed"

If both choices are selected, DOpus might for example then open the Default lister plust 2 more listeres with various tabs that used to be open when DOpus closed.

"Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes" option

quoting help:

The Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes option lets you configure Opus to shutdown automatically once you close the last Lister. This makes Opus behave more like a traditional application that you run, use and then exit when finished with. We recommend that you keep Opus running in the background even when you're not using it as it makes it much quicker to open Listers, and means things like system-wide hotkeys and floating toolbars can work, but if you don't want to use it like this you can turn this option on.

---> Please consider this problem:
When the user closes the last lister, there's the choice (in options) to

  1. EITHER preserve the opened tabs so they will be re-opened on the next DOpus launch, BUT that entails the need to completely shut down DOpus (no tray icon any more)
  2. OR not preserve the tabs, but keep the tray icon.

Would it not make sense to have an additional option:
( ) Open the Lister that was open when THE LAST LISTER was closed.

This would be very helpful.

Moreover, it would be could if there were checkboxes instead of checkbuttons, such that the user can select BOTH "open default lister" AND "open listers that were open when dopus was last closed", which I would find very helpful.

All of this would fix several of the problems I described in my first posting in this thread.

UPDATE: This would not work as of today:
Even though I have activated "shutdown dopus when last lister closes", opened tabs will currently NOT be restored when I close the last lister, UNLIKE when I close Dopus via tray icon / or "file, exit dopus".
This is inconsistent. It should have the same effect IMHO. Would it be possible to change this? This would take care of one of the main problems.

Thinking about it, one could also see it as a "feature": The user could decide if he wants to have the tabs of the last lister restored on next launch, OR have the default lister show up and discard the current tabs, by making the choice of either clicking X(top right of window)/selecting "file -> close lister", OR otherwise choosing "file -> exit DOPUS"/tray icon->exit dopus.

Perhaps this is even advantageous....

With that option, Opus shuts down after you close the last lister. Sometimes a long time after (e.g. if there is a long-running file copy going on when you close the window.)

So when Opus exits with that option, there is nothing to save.

If you want the last-closed window to be remembered, use the option to automatically update the default lister when a window is closed.

(I think Jon was talking about adding periodic backups in case of unexpected restarts, similar to Chrome etc., but I’m not sure of the exact plan. I think there’s also a script which does something similar by auto-saving to a layout every few minutes.)

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Thank you!

I opted to NOT use the "update default lister" option, but instead make the "exit dopus" command/button more accessible which also amounts to restauring the open tabs. And like I said, it makes it easy to also discard them by chosing "X" instead.

It's all good the way it is actually, it's just not always so easy to understand (for me anyway) even with the excellent help files. Hope my posts, despite being confusing in part, together with your answer eventually help others understand better -- the topic of "tabs not restoring" is a recurring theme.

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