Tagging an MP4 corrupts the file

So I'm not sure if this is a DOpus problem, however, I noticed it while tagging a video file from DOpus

Basically, I have mp4 files that I'm tagging with a button I created from DOpus. I usually use this button for photo tagging and recently used it on a video file.

The code for the button is below.

SetAttr META "tags:+Disneyland"

I do want to note that if you right click the video, Properties, Details, and write in the Tag field, it does the same problem.

The file plays before tagging, but provides a blank screen after tagging. The file plays, but shows no video and has no sound. It doesn't say the file is corrupt.

Has anyone encountered this problem besides me?

That tells us that both Opus and Windows Explorer are having/causing the same problem with the file, so it's either the same bug in both programs or the file itself is the problem. (Or both.)

This may be specific to the file, or how the file was made. Can you point us to a sample MP4 file that this will happen with?