Would it be possible to somehow have AudioTag preview which tag type is stored in an audio file? For example, VorbisComments, ID3v2, ID3v1 etc.?
Or is this already due for version 10 of DOpus?


A Tag Type(s) column could be added, although it would require changes to Opus itself (unless the information was put in an existing column, which I don't think would make sense).

It might be useful for MP3 files where you may need to ensure ID3v2.4 tags are converted to ID3v2.3 or vice versa (due to programs that insist on only supporting one revision of the format).

Beyond that, I'm not sure how useful it would be. In particular, if an Ogg or FLAC file shows tags at all then you know it has VorbisComments as they are the only legal tag type for those formats. (The AudioTags plugin will not display ID3 tags on Ogg/FLAC files at all; such things are an abomination apparently caused by software that sticks ID3 tags on the end of any file format and would probably ID3-tag a JPEG if it was told to. :slight_smile: )

Why does it have to have such a big importance? I'm only going to use the column to check if the files in a folder does indeed only contain one tagtype (Vorbis for FLAC and Ogg, and ID3v2 for MP3), since I have standards for my music. I think if it's possible to do it, you should at least consider it. Please.

If you want to request Opus adds a column for this, send GPSoftware a feature request via the support link in my signature.

As I say, I can see why you might want it for mp3 files but I still don't understand for Ogg/FLAC. Or do you want a way to see if a file is tagged at all (i.e. not completely untagged) without relying on any particular tag field? (But then wouldn't you still want to verify correct tagging, e.g. that the Artist field isn't blank?)