Take Control of Folder In Windows 8

When trying to take control of a folder and change from System to Administrator on the Security Tab of Properties in Dopus; it takes five minutes or more. When I go to the Windows File Explorer, it takes two seconds. Why is Dopus hanging up in Windows 8. Please let me know what I have to change in preferences to correct this problem. If not, how do I use Dopus to replace Explorer for everything except Windows File Explorer.

The Properties / Security dialogs are not part of Opus, they come from Windows itself and Opus just asks Windows to display them. Opus isn't making the changes itself, although they will happen within the Opus process and could therefore be subject to e.g. different treatment by antivirus tools compared to the same operation happening within Explorer.

Did you do exactly the same operation to exactly the same folder in both cases? Is what you saw repeatable, even if you try the test the other way around?

You are correct. I just changed three folders from System to Administrator using Dopus. It worked perfectly, just like in Windows Explorer. I also found out that when you set the preferences in Dopus to use the default file replacement for Explorer, it will go directly to Dopus File manager. If you set up a separate shortcut for C:\windows\explorer.exe; it will go to the Windows Explorer, if for whatever reason you want to use it instead. Thank You for your help.