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Tame folder context menu in DOpus 9

I am using DOpus .x64 on Windows 7. When I right-click on a folder in DOpus, the resulting right-click menu has 25 items. Some are useless or redundant (for example, what need have I for Open in Directory Opus or for Open in New Folder Tab, since simply clicking on the folder name would produce the same result more quickly than first opening the context menu?) There are a number of entries that I never use (e.g., Share). I'd like to prune this context menu, getting rid of unneeded entries. I have read the Help file and the User's Manual, but I can't seem to find what I need to do. I'd greatly appreciate some clear, simple instructions for how to edit a folder's right-click context menu in DOpus 9. (I might add that choosing Settings --> Customize and the Context Menu tab does not seem to provide the opportunity to edit a folder's context menu.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

See -> Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus

While you can hide & disable certain things, you should leave some alone. For example, the bold item is what gets run when an item is double-clicked so it is not really redundant and removing it from the menu can break double-click. Similar is true for context menu items which define verbs that may be used programatically (e.g. "Run As Administrator" should never be removed).

Thanks very much, Leo, for yet another prompt and helpful response. I now see that I should leave "Open in Directory Opus" alone, but do I really also need "Open in new Folder Tab"? It does nothing that simply clicking on the folder wouldn't do faster. Also, there are items that were apparently added by software, such as "Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5.1" or "Select left folder for comparison" (apparently put there by the program Beyond Compare). Is there any reason I can't remove such items? I also have no use for "Share with" and "include in Library." Do I need to keep these even though I never use them and they simply clutter my context menu? I'd also like to be able to rearrange some of the items. Is there any way to get rid of some of the items I've mentioned and/or rearrange others?

The guide I linked to lets you get rid of some/most of those things.

You can often turn them off in the programs that add them, too.

Thanks, Leo. I did manage to turn off some of the entries by going into the programs themselves, but not with Adobe Bridge. I took a look at the document you recommended, which in turn recommended a different document and also recommended downloading Debug View and turning on Opus's context menu debugging. I did all that, but found Debug View gave me lots of seemingly irrelevant information and nothing that I could identify as being what I was looking for. I then tried nirsoft's ShellMenuView, which did list the "Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5.1." I used ShellMenuView to disable this, but the entry was still there. I rebooted, but that made no difference. I then went into the Registry and added a LegacyDisable string value, but that didn't work, either.

At this point, my head was spinning. I think the wisest course of action would be just to live with a cluttered context menu. Is there any chance that DOpus 10 will have enhanced capabilities for dealing with this?

Opus 10 should respect disabling the items via the nirsoft tool, unlike Opus 9 which didn't.

Thanks, Leo, for your quick and encouraging reply. I guess it's time for me to upgrade to DOpus 10.

Sorry! Correction, it doesn't currently work. I thought the tool did something else (disabled context menu shell extensions, rather than verbs/commands; I was thinking of NirSoft's ShellExView).

We should be able to make it work, though.

I've made it work (turned out to be very easy) and, unless we discover a problem with the change, it should be part of the next update to Opus 10.

Thanks very much, Leo. I've now upgraded to Opus 10 and am looking forward to the next update.