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Tapatalk support

I see Tapatalk support is not enabled. Will this be enabled or not at all?

Does Discourse support Tapatalk?

I think there is an actual Discourse app, although I have only heard about it in passing. The standard website seems to work well so far on my phone.

Yes, it does indeed, however it would be nice to keep track of Opus forum along with all the other forums in Tapatalk. :slight_smile:

I don't think Taptalk support exists:

Ok, so I'm just confirming there is the Discourse app and it works fine as seen here. :slight_smile: (sent from Discourse app)

Here are links to the app, but I'll note the Discourse guys say on their own website:

Mobile and Tablet
Designed for touch devices from day one. Automatic mobile and touch layouts that scale to fit your device.

And Leo's comment also stated it's working fine in a mobile browser on his phone. My preference is, if there's not much use to installing an app when compared to using a browser, why install the app? (Comments on the Google Play Store imply the app is just showing the mobile version of the page, anyway.)

Apple Appstore:

Google Play Store:

Have fun!

Yes, you are right. Not too much difference. It does look like an encapsulated mobile version within an app. Too pity they haven't developed Tapatalk support. But, anyways I guess most of us use desktop browser for DOpus forums anyways...

I saw something about push notifications to phones, which might be part of the app. Not sure if it's implemented now or something people are working on.

At the same time, while notifications are quite nice on a desktop browser, you probably don't want them cluttering up your phone unless you're really obsessed with the forum. :smiley:

Wait. That's a bad thing?

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