Temporarily override explorer file type handling

Is there any way that DOpus can override the explorer context file type handing when it's loaded, only for it?
What I am trying to do is, eg: on a PC where right-clicking a .VBS with Explorer shows the Edit command, which opens the file in Notepad, I want it so that if I if right click the .VBS in DOpus, the Edit command instead launches (eg) VBSedit. While I can easily make a DOpus only context menu item (eg: Edit with VBSedit), it would be better if the DOpus item had the same name as the explorer one, in effect overriding the explorer one. If I make a DOpus only context menu action with the same name as the existing Explorer one, I simply get two items in the context menu (in DOpus), with the same name, so I can't tell which is which. Hope that makes sense.

Turn on Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration.

Hmm, something's not right. I have that setting off (always have), and DOpus will very happily override the edit context menu for txtfile, so that in Explorer "Edit" opens the old notepad, but in DOpus "Edit" opens Notepad++. In DOpus I only see ONE Edit item in the context menu. I have the same thing setup for CSV files (Excel in Explorer, but Notepad++ in DOpus).
For "VBScript Script File" however, when I go to the Context Menu setup in DOpus (settings, file types, system file type, VBS, edit, context menu), it shows the Edit definition from Explorer (ie: open with notepad). When I setup CSV and TXT, this panel was empty initially, and I could add "Edit" for DOpus which happily overrode Explorer ONLY in Dopus. For VBS, because it already shows the Explorer definition, I can't. I've tried deleting the context menu item in DOpus, but this deletes it from Explorer's definition too (Folder Options, File Types in Explorer). If I shut down DOpus, set VBS - edit back up in Explorer as it was, then load DOpus, and try again, the Edit item is back in the DOpus definition once again, hence preventing me form setting up this "override" behaviour that works fine for other things.