Test basic code standard Opus?

You have to close and re-open the button editor between tests at the moment.

Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Alt-Click to edit Toolbar buttons can speed things up. Sounds like you may have already found it.

We have plans to streamline this further in the future.

To check what the codes output, there are three main ways:

[ul][li]If the button is set to DOS Batch mode, you can use the echo command. However, DOS Batch mode can change things in subtle ways (as DOS Batch requires some extra escaping on special characters and things like that) so it's not always a perfect way to test what things are generating.

[li]Any type of button can run dopusrt /argsmsgbox F is {f} or similar to show a message box with "F is <whatever {f} turns into>" etc.

[li]You can also use dopusrt /argstoclip in the same way, to put anything added to the same line into the clipboard for inspection.

[li]If you install TBone's script you can use the Say command it adds to print things to the Script Output panel which is normally used for script output/debugging.[/li][/ul]

By the way, this type of thing is easier with scripts, since you can edit them in a text editor and then use the results as soon as you have saved the file, and you can use DOpus.Output to write directly to the Script Output panel. Makes up for everything else being a bit more complicated when using scripts. :slight_smile: