Text Color in "File Display Border source"

Hi, using Dopus I ask you if you can add an option to better see the folder that I'm selecting
from full path.
Now Dopus shows only folder underscored when I'm point it with mouse, infact
in Dopus settings: "File Display Border source"
there is only possibility to change color of "Text" and "Backgroud".

Can you add also option "Text Mouse Pointed" ??

I add a screenshot modified using photoshop in order to explain you better to you what I'm looking for.

Thank you.

Excuse me Sir. JON this option that I'm searching you will think to improve in Dopus or is a bad idea for you and there are no plan to implement it??

i have found in forum other member that have asked same thing.
What do you think about ?

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My personal opinion: The example in your screenshot (blue text on a blue background) is harder to read than the way it works currently, and the underling is enough already.

As an alternative, other than the file display border bars - you can also more easily see the path element you're going to click on called out visually when hovering over them in the location / breadcrumbs bar (also displayed in your screenshot at the top). I know it's not the same thing, but if the underlining is not sufficient for you - at least you can get better results right away by using the other field while waiting on some traction on your enhancement request.

Thank you for answers Mr. JON and Mr. Steje.
Sorry but I don't understand when you tell me "Link your account to guaranteed response".
Can you help me better the mean of your phrase, I don't know english language very well.
My account is "mercadantelaura" and i have create this account about one month ago when
I have downloaded Trial version of your program and I have made request to download evaluation
certificate in order to verify, in evaluation period, if your program satisfy what i'm looking for:
(versatility, ease to use, completed with lots functions and special care to visualization on screen)
comparing it with other similar programs as xplorer2 etc.. that I have downloaded too.
<< To have answer I must link my account.. but to what?
Please tell me how, in order to respect forum's rules.

To continue on post:
Is true that the color that I have choosed is harder to read, but it was only an example created using
photoshop in order to better explain to you my request of improvement.
Dopus can personalize all colors: folders, kind of files, border, taskbar....etc except path pointed from mouse.
It's a sin, I have some problem of eyesight and for me with less eyesight than common people, is more
visible a different colors than a small underscored folder. Sorry.
There are lots and lots combination from color pallette that user can choose, better than my example, in
order to render moreover visible user folder choice on path when mouse point/select one of its part,
adding, besides option underscored, also a different color...
...only if Dopus have this option as, (for example) xplorer2 permit (but without underscore) see photo:


...but unfortunately Dopus don't have this function.

Thanks for your patience.

I'm Leo, not Jon. :slight_smile:

Info on account linking is in my signature, but you can only link your account if you buy Opus; can't link your account if you are using an evaluation version.

If you're having trouble seeing what the mouse pointer is on top of, you know that you can change the font sizes in Opus?

Or do as Steje suggests and point to the location field instead, which has a very visible highlight:

Sorry Leo.
Thanks for councils.

Yes I have found the options mentioned.
Increasing fonts was an idea, but it reduce all that are showed on screen and ot is worst for me.
The suggestion of Steje is interesting but is better for me see all pathname. More immediately comprehension of path.
Thank you at any rate.
The better solution in my case is only different color.

Thank you again.