Text colour of Find results

Is it possible to have the text file display colour of Find results different from the default?

Just so you can see quickly that your have Find results displaying.

I display all files in Details view; and Find results will often fill the entire panel.

Do you mean the direct search / find as you type? There is a setting in > Preferences > File Displays > FAYT > Direct Search > Highlight Matches, you could try.

No, I don't think so. Just normal type in find term and the files display in the right panel.

You can assign background colors and/or images to specific folders via Folder Formats.

Please link your account if you need detailed step-by-step instructions.

Thanks Leo. I am now linked again. And I have implemented a different background colour to the find results folder and all is good. Thanks.

Are you sure? The forum is still showing you as unlinked here.