Text Viewer usability

When viewing text with the text viewer, I used to be able to press Esc to close the viewer. This appears to be no longer the case. Is there are way to switch that back on? It was second nature to me, and now it's excruciating to have to close it via less efficient means.

Also, it always opens a massive window in the centre of the screen. Is there a way to have it remember its last position and size?

If you turn off Preferences / Viewer / Appearance / Auto-size viewer window then the standalone viewer will remember its window size.

But that will affect images as well as text files.

Viewing text files in the standalone viewer isn't really what it's designed for. The Text viewer in Opus is only really intended to be used in the viewer pane. You can use it in the standalone viewer if you go out of your way (e.g. assigning Show to the .txt double-click action), but I'm not sure why you'd want that rather than have text files open in a proper text editor on double-click.

I don't have the viewer on double-click. I use the "Show Pictures" button in the toolbar.

If I double-click, it opens gVim. But I have vim is setup in a specific way for editing (no text wrap, a very small font) and it takes longer to load than the viewer, so if I just want to quickly see the text contents of something, I select it and click on Show Piciures. I've done this for as long as I can remember; since whenever Opus was available on Windows. I also like it because of the instant hex viewer.

It turns out this broke three years ago (12.5), but I don't think anyone mentioned it until now.

We have a fix coming in the next update.

Belated thanks for findiing the bug. Another thing that I've just realised is broken in the TextViewer: Page Up and Page Down don't scroll the viewport.

Page Up and Page Down in the standalone viewer will move to the previous and next file by default.

You can edit or remove those hotkeys via Customize, if you want them to fall through to the text viewer instead: