TGA support for Image convert?

Is there any way to get TGA support for Dopus internal image convert function?
Or can anyone recommend a good converter to integrate into Dopus?

You should be able to convert from TGA fine with Opus. If you need to convert to TGA then I'd recommend ImageMagick, which is a free command-line image conversion/processing toolkit.

Welcome back Leo, you have been missed here.

Hm, I would like to bounce this topic :smiley: Because it's a function I would appreciate very much too. We're now all using Opus now in our game studio - and we have to convert to TGA quite often. Doing that without switching application would be very handy.

So yeah... ... :slight_smile:
Would be great to see that included somehow.

Have you investigated ImageMagick? It's very simple to integrate into Opus.

For example, if you have installed ImageMagick then you just need to create a button with this command in order to convert the selected images into TGA files:

@runmode hide @nodeselect "%ProgramFiles%\ImageMagick\convert.exe" {filepath$} {filepath$|ext=tga}
Just select the files and click the button. The TGAs will be written to the same directory (easy to change if you want) and the original files will be left selected so that you can quickly move/delete them if you want to.

(Only drawback is there's no error handling. So don't delete without checking everything looks right, of course.)

Or you can do something similar with the free NConvert utility available at

I've never used the TGA format but something like the following using Nconvert should work to convert the selected files in Opus to TGA format.

nconvert -out tga {f}

Thanks for your quick reply.
Your suggestion makes really sense, actually I'm trying it out currently. But it's not really practical to install this on 40 machines to make it standard. That's why I would prefer it to be seamlessly integrated (and to work just as the other conversions).
Anyways, i get your point - and will use that tool myself. Thanks.