Thank you all a thousand times

never before have i used a program like this. opus is masterful. so simple, but so complex, very much genius. startling genius.
thank you for making such a wonderful program. thank you for being so helpful in the forum. everyone here contributes such
wonderful information, it feel humbled much.

i am posting here because i have some requests that i think may be useful. this will be a long post; i apologize immediately.

1.) i have read all over something that people want. colors for certain files. colors for folders. special icons for folders.
folders customize for groups of folders applied automatically. commands run when certain folders are visited. tab locks.
sentence fragments. what do all these things mean to me? feature (singular). as my first request, i would like:
favorites groups. please, allow me to explain to you. favorites groups would be similar to 'favorites' in that one could
tell opus, 'i enjoy this folder, please remember this.' but, remember that i said 'group.' what makes this idea useful
(please excuse me if it's been suggested before) is that what if the group itself had special properties. these properties
could be toggle on and off and all folders in the favorites group would be affected. whether or not their children would
is optional. you could add all your music folders to the 'music' favorites group. but i know you think, why not just
use collection? i enjoy the collection, favorites groups are nice because it's not a virtual folder. all members of the group
are separate on your harddrive like normal, but if you see the members of the group when you browse, you may see a green folder with some icon you've set to represent the group. you see italics. you see that when you click into the folder, if you've
set the option, it welcomes you with your favoirte layout preferences and makes you feel at home by running custom
commands that you set, specific to that group. this is not a favorites format, that is manual application, this is a way
to tell opus to treat a group of folders that you like a certain way. you file types messing with. no manual clicking
for favorite format. it's all done simply by the folder being in that group, and you have control over what is done.
you dont want highlight? don't check it off for that group, you don't want automatic power mode in that folder? don't select it
for that group! i would like to take it even further! favorites group alias. if you type in that alias, it will open up
all folders in that favorites group into your tabs. i like this. and let's enjoy the idea of folder locks for folders
(optional) in favorites group. if one goes to a folder in the favorites group, s/he can set the experience of tablock.
i think this may be useful, but i don't think i've explained it well.

also, it would be nice to have automatic, temporary alias for smart favorites. if a folder makes it to smart favorite
status, it will get an alias, since it must be an important folder. different suffixes could be added to account for
folder name redundancy i think. if there are questions, i would love to answer them!

2.) are there unicode viewer plugins being made? rars and mp3 viewer hates my folder names ; ;

3.) could there be added a checkbox for button lists to make it autosort its contents. this could be useful for the 'go'
menu items, or in my case the recents button i use because it uses 'shared' image. also, is it possible to assign a hotkey
to the dropdown button so that pushing hotkey makes the dropdown button's menu pop up, rather than the button itself?

4.) is there a way to make the view display only the filename, not it's path?

5.) is there a way to make the information in the sorting columns in all lowercase?

6.) i like tabs. if i am in one tab, sometiems i make a new one and this new tab finds a home on the far right of the
tabbar. what if i go to that tab, but then i finish with it and close it. i would go to tab just left. i would like
to be able to change this behavior so that i could jump back to the tab i came from. like firefox.

7.) i never used buttons. until now. these things are so wonderful, sometimes i wish all programs had them. i find very useful
nudel's flatview bar. i've changed it so that right click on the location button while a file is selected will
take me to the parent directory of that file. if i middle-click, the parent is opened in a horizontal pane dual something.
may problem is that in both cases, the file that i followed isn't selected. i can select the file after the fact in
dual mode with Select SOURCETODEST by itself, but if i put in the same button, it opens some window asking me to
point to the destination folder. i think this is because the Select command is run to fast, the second pane hasn't opened yet.
i think i am doing something wrong, but how does one add in a slight wait?

8.) today i discovery Go Pathentry bar. happiness. it doesn't distort my viewer with toolbars; it comes when i need it
and leaves when i don't, but i am curious. can i make it autocomplete paths by using 'tab' in the folder i'm in like a
command prompt? or, can i use it to pass comamands to opus? i don't like the command bar popin buttons because it
shakes my lister way.

9.) can scroll wheel browse through tabs? elation.

10.) i love the complexity of opus and the organization of the preferences menu. once i find something it makes so much sense,
but as others have mentioned, it is a little confusing at first. are there any plans for a preference search bar?

11.) i say now, i don't use collections, but if i did, it would be nice to have a checkbox that makes default delete
behavoir to remove from collection rather than delete!

12.) is there an option to display the name of a named drive in the titlebar instead of it's letter if you are in root of it?

14.) i love using the toolbar customizing, but the way it feels.. too smooth. let me explain. in firefox for example, if
one is moving toolbars, if one is moving into the other, there is resistance; even if you pull it won't move forward.
it tells to me, 'hello', you are stepping my foot. stop please.' in opus i don't realize i'm stepping foot until i open
my eyes from customize mode and see that my toolbars are over lappings, so then i go back and trial and error until
the bars are separate but still close! is there any way to add resistance and the little snap-back feeling of when
you go past a toolbar in your way?

15.) thanks for reading so far! almost done~

16.) i would like to request filters/export/save/search of logs!

17.) as others have said, i like the highlight row option, but i wish there were a sub checkbox that would
make it highlight only instead of selecting the item if any part of its row is touched ; ;

18.) unattending copy/move. i was thinking the other day. filters and things like that can be complex, but what if opus
deferred conflicts and problems to a conflicts box. let's say that i want to move many files before i go somewhere.
i get back and to my horror... sheer horror ; ; the transfer stopped at the 4th file! now, what if opus asked
itself, 'if this person doesn't answer the rename/overwrite/skip question box in x seconds, he or she must not be available,
so let me defer this to my conflicts box for when that person gets back to the keyboard.' you are happy because it
auto skipped files that you didn't answer while you were gone, that timed out to autoskip mode while you were gone.
opus is happy because it got to finish what it was doing. when you get back you can just highlight a file one by one
or all at once from the conflicts box and address that way. if you get back mid progress, you can use opus'
mulithreading power to address the items in the conflicts box even while the parent operation continues!
conflicts box can be simply a front-end for a batch file i think, i have no idea how these things works ; ;
conflicts box can show, from where, to where, why, and how a particular file prompted user response so that you can
decide from there, even set some filters or regexp for handling things!

19.) is there a way to get more than 10 undos?

20.) i have put all four filter boxes into the dropdown menu for lister layout bicycle (haha). i did this because filters say
to me, as do display modes 'things that change how i see the data in current folder' so i put it there instead of a toolbar,
so that my screen doesn't shift ; ; sadly, quite sadly, the hotkey i set to the show file filter doens't work. nothing happens.
also i noticed that hotkeys set to buttons on inactive toolbars don't work. is there any way to change that?
without making them global?

21.) T=n doesnt work for me in the bar graph. the percent doesn't go away. i think i'm doing something wrong...

22.) i have suggestions about the network file transfer window. i like it, but i think it could be changed a little,
or even wallpaper applied to it (?!). what i was thinking: if the total progress bar stays normal size, but the
progress bar for the current file is a thin bar on top of the total progress that would get rid of the second bar.
also, if the speeds of the total act where in parentheses, but current file isn't and they are beside each other.
almost make it the same size as normal transfer window~

well, thank you so much for reading this. i am so happy with opus. i feel like i spent my money well, and that's rare with today's companies ; ; thank you programmers; thank you forumers for making my data accessible!

oh! i would like to middle-click on the hotpath to popup a breadcrumb under my already waiting scrollwheel. opus can teach vista how to breadcrumb. double middle button to bring up the backtrack breadcrumb instead of the scroll to sibling breadcrumb. middle click on the color part of the hotbar for something... i'm so sleepy i've forgotten ; ;

[quote="mluna"]1.) ... you could add all your music folders to the 'music' favorites group... but if you see the members of the group when you browse, you may see a green folder with some icon you've set to represent the group[/quote]This is essentially what folder type formats do in combination with content type auto-detection, with the added advantage that you don't have to manually flag folders as being 'music' etc. The idea of scanning them before opening and giving them an appropriate icon is interesting but could be slow. Perhaps if this was optional (like folder size calculation) it would be useful, and an icon option could be added to the folder type definitions?

[quote="mluna"]also, it would be nice to have automatic, temporary alias for smart favorites[/quote]I don't know when this would be useful, but I suppose there is no reason not to have /smartfavourites1 etc. to match /mydocuments.

[quote="mluna"]4.) is there a way to make the view display only the filename, not it's path?[/quote]I think it already does, everywhere except in the title bar of the standalone viewer.

[quote="mluna"]9.) can scroll wheel browse through tabs? elation.[/quote]This would be nice - see this topic.

[quote="mluna"]18.) unattending copy/move. i was thinking the other day. filters and things like that can be complex, but what if opus deferred conflicts and problems to a conflicts box.[/quote]I agree: see here.

[quote]This is essentially what folder type formats do in combination with content type auto-detection[...] [/quote] i agree with you on this, except that folder type works, to the best of my knowledge, by checking to see what x% of files in a folder is. it then guesses, 'since x% of these are mp3, then it music be music, so let me add this and that.' this is nice, but the x% of files must be a certain type for it to work. to be honest, it feels limited. it, at least in it's current way, doesn't allow for one to be flexible. it doesn't allow for there to be a favorite group titled 'download' that applies a certain wallpaper and style irregardless of its file content. or 'anime' sorted in details mode sort filtered for certain prefixes and have a certain wallpaper irregardless of file type content and still have your other movie folders auto display as thumbnail. current type auto-detection isn't folder by folder, but by the % of files that are of some content, so more folders are changed pre-emptively rather than user selected.

moreover, i like the idea of tab-lock for folders in favorite groups or group alias which active all tabs in favorite groups just by typing in an alias.

[quote]with the added advantage that you don't have to manually flag folders as being 'music' etc.[/quote] i agree, but this isn't about just flagging folders as music. it's about bringing folders to attention and displaying them how you want, but not how opus thinks you might want by tabulation of the type density of its content. if i want a favorites group named 'folders i have to sort' then i could add mutlple folders across harddrives to it. opus would display them in the way i would like, with viewer pane or not, or double pane or not, sticky tabbed locked or not, folder colored red for me to see at a glance, 'oh! this color means that i've added it to folders i have to sort, thanks for reminding me opus!' but best of all, opus would apply these formats, colors, styles, icons, stickiness not because of content--i could have pictures, movies, music, documents, all in the same folder, or in different folders across the harddrive, but these folders would be treated how i want, not by a guess from opus. please excuse my inability to give good examples of use ; ;

also, with regard to manual flagging, it's not as easy in the long run this way, as opposed to current way. since this way combines per folder customizations, favorite formats, etc. once i set a customization to a favorites group, then all that would be applied to a folder simply by me adding it to the group. i could ctrl + d a folder and suddenly, it's purple name, it's nice icon, it's new wallpaper, it's layout has changed, certain toolbars are run when i visit it, special columns, stickytabs, all just by ctrl + d. i didn't have to goto file type and tell opus what filetypes merit certain changes. i didn't have to set a favorite format that i would have to manually apply when i enter a favorite folder. all i had to do was add a folder to a favorites group, and everything i wanted to do now is done. one click is my dream!

favorite groups customization would be optional of course. like the rest of opus, it would be default simple. the folder colors could be off, everything could be off by default, in which case a favorites group would just be a favorites folder that we have. but also like opus, if the user were willing to explore, to tinker and test some options, the favorites groups could be a useful experience!

[quote]The idea of scanning them before opening and giving them an appropriate icon is interesting but could be slow.[/quote] nono, it's not scanning anything but 'is this directory in a favorites group? oh it is? then let me apply these settings, oh it's not? then leave it at default, or let folder types handle it.' in this way, i think this could be faster than content auto-detection in that there is no need to check the content. only check the location and apply settings irregardless of folder density, content density, anything. so not scanning the folder isn't as slow, no?

[quote]I don't know when this would be useful[/quote] hmm, let me explain. what if the user found his or herself performing certain operations in certain folders. if this happens a lot, it is added to smart favorites right? why? because there must be something to that folder. opus feels that someway, somehow, the user must find it important and as such it must be made more easily accessible, so it's added to a smart favorites list. let's take this one step further. it's in the smart favorites list, so it must be a folder i work with alot. let's say it's called 'schoolwork' or something. so i move, copy, things. c:\soemthingorother\schoolwork is a folder i visit alot, so opus took the liberty of making a smart alias for it. obviously it's set a flag off with opus, so why not smart alias so all i have to do is type the / and the name of the smart favorite. in this case /schoolwork and wow! i'm taken straight there. i didn't have to set that alias, opus knew it. opus believed in me.

of course, toggles could turn it off. or make it so that conflicts would be addressed (eg. don't smart alias something already with alias, or append a drive letter to smart aliases that exist in other places like... /cschoolwork or /dschoolwork or something that you can customize with variables). i dunno, i think i would find it very useful to have opus make an smart alias for me. saves me from trees and back buttons.

[quote]I think it already does, everywhere except in the title bar of the standalone viewer. [/quote] excuse me for being unclear, the instance of the standalone viewer was exactly and the only example i was talking about^^;

[quote]This would be nice - see this topic. [/quote] i agree with you! but instead of 'browse through tabs,' which implies viewing tab contents, i meant that which i would like to append to your, and others' request, the ability to move the cursor to the tabbar area, scroll the wheel, and have the tabs scroll smoothly as if i were click those little buttons on the side. the contents of the current tab stay same and the current tab stays highlighted, just to scroll as if looking at different parts of a webpage so i can scroll to the 3rd or 20th tab using mouse, then i can click it!

[quote]I agree: see here. [/quote]oh, i missed that post, sorry^^; in this case, i would like to add to the request that things like time, destination, source, cause of conflict, etc. be added to the conflicts box rather than just 'this was a conflict, what to do?'

thanks for reading!