Thank you all a thousand times

[quote="mluna"]1.) ... you could add all your music folders to the 'music' favorites group... but if you see the members of the group when you browse, you may see a green folder with some icon you've set to represent the group[/quote]This is essentially what folder type formats do in combination with content type auto-detection, with the added advantage that you don't have to manually flag folders as being 'music' etc. The idea of scanning them before opening and giving them an appropriate icon is interesting but could be slow. Perhaps if this was optional (like folder size calculation) it would be useful, and an icon option could be added to the folder type definitions?

[quote="mluna"]also, it would be nice to have automatic, temporary alias for smart favorites[/quote]I don't know when this would be useful, but I suppose there is no reason not to have /smartfavourites1 etc. to match /mydocuments.

[quote="mluna"]4.) is there a way to make the view display only the filename, not it's path?[/quote]I think it already does, everywhere except in the title bar of the standalone viewer.

[quote="mluna"]9.) can scroll wheel browse through tabs? elation.[/quote]This would be nice - see this topic.

[quote="mluna"]18.) unattending copy/move. i was thinking the other day. filters and things like that can be complex, but what if opus deferred conflicts and problems to a conflicts box.[/quote]I agree: see here.