Thanks for adding the dialog font customization!

I've said before that virtually every time I come here to suggest a feature, I learn Directory Opus already has it, but not tonight! No, tonight I had you, you wascawy wabbit!

Tonight I came to the forums to post about how my aging eyes would really appreciate adding font dialog customization to the DOpus options someday, only the first thing I saw was the v13 announcement. And sure enough, it's already in there! I think the software didn't have the feature I wanted for almost ten minutes, which seems like a new record.

I'll get you one of these days, you wascawy wabbit...


It was probably there for months if you ran the open beta :wink:
That's exactly the feeling you get, when you want a function and are happy to get an idea for Dopus, it's already there.
We can suggest that it should make coffee, that function may not exist yet. perhaps? :smiley:

I used to run the betas like you, until I took a bug to the knee (of my FTP connections).

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