The attribute information in onedrive folders can not be updated in time on opus13

When I modified the file which in the Onedrive folders, and it not have any change on attribute, such as size or modified date. I have to go back to the upper folder and go into this folder again, then it'll show the modified information.

I also tested on the explorer with windows or other tools, and the attribute changed immediately. I don't know if you have noticed this situation?


We have had reports that change notification isn't working under the OneDrive folder on some machines. Have not been able to reproduce it ourselves so far, but have looked at some debug information other users generated for us.

At least from what we can tell so far, it looks like a bug in Windows (which could in turn be triggered by a bug in something else, including Opus itself; can't rule that out without knowing more or reproducing it locally).

When it goes wrong, the change events aren't being sent to our process. But people have observed that running a completely separate test program which also requests change events on the same folder will cause things to start working again.

It's like the operating system forgets it's meant to be monitoring the folder until a second program asks for the same thing. And it only happens with the OneDrive folder, and only for some people.

We did have a look at the change notification code while making Opus 13, and made a couple of improvements. One of those could theoretically help (from memory, it would reduce the number of change handles we keep open for different things, which could hit a limit in Windows maybe), but I am not sure. (Worth doing anyway, as it may help avoid some other problem.)

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Wow, thank you so much detail information. And it let me keep strong support your product and I'll attention the next great news about this error.

Anyway thanks again for all done about this great product.