The beta testing is making nice progress

In the early days, bug reports sounded like this:

I clicked a button and Opus crashed.

... and now we're reading:

If the following ten conditions are met, an icon will slightly bend to the left.



The GP staff has to hunt down this heinous bug. It is unbearable, that an icon is slightly bent to the left, only because the user has met ten conditions. Please fix asap!


Here you go:

“Bugs” covers quite a wide range of things. :slight_smile:


Hahahaha I can't imagine having your job trying to translate the glorp and gobbledegook that people randomly submit to you and claim its not their wrongdoing, must be the software!

You guys are awesome, keep it up!

I counted a bug when release notes explicitly mentioned a fix or clearly stated that something was corrected due to not working as planned.