The find interface

On the C-f find utility I see there is a check box for regex on the advanced tab.

OK, but there seems to be NO input box to set the regex on the advanced tab as one would expect.

What is the plan there?

Same as standard rename... the Old name field is where you enter your regex to apply to the current filename(s)... and the New name field is where you enter what sort of substitutions and new name info you want based on the results of the regex.

Sorry - didn't even read the question right.

By default, the Advanced tab of the Find panel has an entry of Name, Match, * as the default filter clause thats enabled. You can overwrite the * element with your regex.

steje wrote:

Thanks for the good input.

That must get tripped over on a regular basis. Given that rest of the interaface and most other interfaces not only in dopus but many windows apps
indicate that input can taken by placing things inside and intake box.

Would that be difficult to do in this particular instance? (as an enhancement for next version? ) Or, as I vaguely remember reading some time ago is that whole C-f interface due for the chopping block and scheduled to be replaced by a new one soon?

I'm not really sure what this means sorry. Could you be more specific?

It's a bit like how you can click a filename in the file list to edit it (i.e. rename the file).

If an edit control was shown for every filename, that would be a huge mess of lines and borders around each file (or each entry in the Advanced Find list of filter clauses).

I'm not really sure what this means sorry. Could you be more specific?[/quote]

Sorry I left out a few words... (terrible typing skills) But `leo' seems to have nailed it, thanks to you both

Looking at it, the UI is fairly explicit that you can enter text there, and if you click the text or either of the checkboxes below the text, and edit control does appear for you to type into, and turns back into the explicit prompt if you click somewhere else with it still blank.