The (in?)famous Ctrl-Tab

Hey there, good fellas!

I've been using DOpus for a while and I'm seriously curious about the Ctrl+Tab keycombo that's invoked in it.

I know this might be some hazardous ground to walk on, since the standard Tab and Ctrl+Tab'ing in DOpus seems to be a very vital/fundamental part of DOpus, but that won't stop me from trying to understand or making a workaround for it. :wink:

The thing is;

  • I love DOpus for it's awesomely vast function and customization-availabilities.
  • I also love Total Commander for it's browsing simplicity.

I'm a huge-huge-huge fan of keyboard browsing and I'm trying my best to make DOpus "behave" in the best way possible. But there is this whole thing with Ctrl+Tab that I have to at least try and solve.

Now, is there a way to change the Ctrl+Tab behavior?
I've become so accustomed to Total Commander Tab-usage that I'd like the Tab to behave as close to that as possible.
I want to make DOpus switch both the selection box AND the focus of the Source/Dest-Lister when tabbing, not only the selection box when I use Tab-only.

Otherwise, I'm going on a long, winding, (somewhat awkward, since Ctrl and Tab are positioned a bit bad on a keyboard), road of using Ctrl+Tab in the future.

As far as I know there isn't an alternative to pressing Ctrl-Tab.

I guess that makes this a Feature Request, so I've moved the post over there.

I have written a little system tray app that will cycle thru application listers when CTRL+TAB is hit (from within a lister) if that's any use to you?

I've gone ahead and changed the code to change listers by just pressing the Tab key (of course it means that you can't tab anywhere in a lister).

If that's what you really need download:

Extract to a folder on your HDD, run the .EXE and notice the new icon in your system tray.

Now if you hit the TAB key within a lister it will cycle thru all listers.

If that's not what you want explain a bit more and I'll see if I can help.

Hey Rhino, thanks alot for trying to help out.

Now, I did try your TabHook app, but it seems that I might've been a bit too vague.

I've set up my DOpus to be a split-lister window, like Total Commander. There is no file tree or anything else obscuring it, just one Source and one Destination lister in the same window.

Now, when I use Tab in DOpus, the selection box moves from the Destination to the Source and vice versa.
Unfortunately, this doesn't change the focus of the listers, the focus remains on one lister, until I hit Ctrl+Tab.

What I'd like Tab to do is the exact same thing as Ctrl+Tab does; switch both the selection box and the focus.
I could explain it in another way; I want the focus of the listers to follow the selection box. The Source-lister is the one where the active selection box is.

Hopefully my explanation hasn't messed things up even more and I'll be really thankful if you can help me out with this. Actually, I'm thankful that you even tried to help me out in the first place. :slight_smile:

I don't believe there's any way you could do this currently, but I'm happy to add it as an option in the next version.