The neverending FTP download

With the last few versions of Directory Opus, large FTP files finish successfully, but don't as far as the dialog box is concerned. It still shows that the file is downloading and is adding onto the download time, even though the bar is 100% full.

You can hit Abort and the file will be there just fine and dandy and apparently no worse for the wear. But it would be nice if the FTP module really understood when it was finished. I've left it for a couple hours at 100% and it never wrapped up and said done.



Hi Randy,

Strange. With Opus 8.0.1? I don't see any such behaviour on the systems we use. Turn on the FTP Log and Debug and then check the Output Window FTP logs to see if you can see any strange behaviour with the specific site.

If you can't see any obvious problems, perhaps you should talk to me privately about this. Privately, send me the details of the site and what you are doing and I'll be happy to look into it for you.

Regards, Greg

I have used DOpus for FTP uploads and downloads through all versions including version 8 and have never had a problem. I have always found it to be the best program for FTP, even compared to dedicated FTP programs.
I believe the problem is on your own system or with the provider where the files are stored.