The new-release notification

I just got a pop-up on my Windows PC offering to install 12.31, which I did.

A request for you: the pop-up give me a choice, either Install or Download. I do both. I want the install program in case I ever need to restore the PC from its backup. But I'd also then love to just click the Install button.

--> On the release notification, can you leave the Install option after I click Download? That way, I can download the file and then launch your Install from your pop-up notice screen.

I think if you click download it then puts a link to the file in the window, so you can just click that to run the installer that was downloaded.

Unfortunately, I can't check that out until the next upgrade notification arrives. So I'll be dormant on this thread for awhile.

A related problem is that I store everything on a SUBSTituted drive. I don't think the installer can run files in such locations. If that's the case, then having the link wouldn't work even if it does show up as suggested. But the substituted drive problem is a separate issue, of course.

The SUBST issue presumably affects most installers and is likely due to those drive letters not existing in an elevated context, since Windows UAC doesn’t carry them over, and most installers require elevation.

Yes, I noticed that no one's installer works with SUBST drives. Thank you for telling me why.

But that circles me back to your reply to my original request. If I saved the install file to a substituted drive, and that link shows up after the download, then clicking the link won't work, which defeats your suggestion. Instead, it would be helpful if your notification window simply allowed both download AND install. Thanks.

Why store installers in a place where they won't work? You can solve all the issues by avoiding the subst drive. There's very little reason to use subst these days.

Leo, let me rephrase your post. "Steve, my problem would go away if you would only organize the files on your computer the way I organize mine." I certainly won't argue with that, and I wish you all happiness with your files. But like you, I have thousands of files and good reasons for organizing them as I have.

In any case, my feature request is a minor one. If it's just too hard, forget it. But you have such a polished product - which I love - that I wanted to point out a small way you can make it even better.

Ultimately, you're saving the installer into a place where installers don't work. That's the entire cause of the problem.

Giving the updater an option to download two copies of the installer so it can run it from a different place to where it's downloaded doesn't really make sense to me.

Leo, it was never my goal to store the installation programs where they won't run. That's an unfortunate by-product of other storage decisions that still carry weight with me. I don't do that many installations, so as I said at the top of this thread, it's a minor request. In any case, there's your decision. Case closed. Thank you for considering it.