The problem of opening the directory where the file is located

This problem has been bothering me for a long time, and I didn't find the reason until now.
First of all, when I use IDM downloader, after the download is finished, a dialog box pops up asking whether to [Open folder], if I click too fast, the Explorer list will not be able to locate the file, (provided opus is already open in the taskbar and not minimized in the tray), meaning that if the file has just finished downloading, if I execute [Open folder] immediately in a second or so, this problem will occur. [I tried to close the opus alternative explorer function first and use the native explorer to see what is the reason, I found that the execution of [Open folder] after the IDM download is finished is not immediately located by the explorer, it will have a buffer, probably in a second or so, the explorer will appear this file I'm not sure if it's a problem with IDM or opus, but I try to use other downloading software without problems, but if opus is not open in the taskbar, but just minimized in the tray, there is no problem. The reason for this is that the Explorer opened in the tray refreshes the list of all files, while opus in the taskbar does not refresh the list of files

The big mess is that the file downloaded by IDM will appear in Explorer only after a second or so, and when opened in Explorer, the file has not yet appeared, so it can not be located to this file.
Of course, the native explorer can locate files at any time without problems

Of course I have set it up in opus to replace Explorer completely, so that opening a folder in any case will only create a tab

I use Google's built-in downloader to open folders. Sometimes I can't locate files.