"The system cannot find the path specified"


We have about 10 users experiencing this today. The folder is a file share on a 2012 windows server that is accessible with file explorer. Some users are on the latest version of opus and a few are on a revision behind or so. All experiance the same error. What other information can I provide for some assistance with this?

Thank you.

A Process Monitor log might reveal what's happening. (Please also let us know the path(s) involved so we can find the relevant info in the log.)

A screenshot of what's being double-clicked (or typed into the path field etc.) and the error message could also be enough to suggest possible causes.

Is Opus running under the same credentials and elevation levels as File Explorer? Running it elevated can mean it has different permissions on network shares, or sees different mapped drives, for example.


Thank you for the assistance, turns out the client moved the directory to a different location. I'm assuming Opus was looking for same path as it was a saved configuration shared with all users.