The version exporting to USB differs from the standard version

I had already reported something similar.
Now I realized that even other new additions from beta 46 to are not present in the version exported to USB
"Thumbnail size" option to Thumbnail Styles system
Toolbars / Scripts page
The filetype editor not have "Edit as text" checkbox

Which versions/dates are the dopus.exe and english.dll?

Dopus.exe 13.0.49
I didn't have English.dll , I just exported only my language. (and it's 13.0.41)
But you gave me the solution.
I also added the English.dll (which is 13.0.49) and now everything appears.
In hindsight it would be better if English.dll was always added when exporting as default.

If it's only your language DLL then it won't be picking up things which are only currently in English.dll.

And yes, I assumed it was related to translation.

Agreed. We'll make that change in the next beta.

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